Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia award for entrepreneural and business achievements

41st award for business achievements was bestowed to Mr. Iztok Bizjak – general manager of our company – in presence of president of republic of Slovenia Mr. Danilo Turk, president of state council of Slovenia Mr. Blaž Kavčič, many ministers of republic of Slovenia and diplomats from foreign countires. The award is a confirmation and positive appraisal of his past work and vision.

The award is issued annualy by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia to entrepreneurs for their work and leadership. The foundation of the award itself is the mixture of leader's character and the company that is to be written to a successful economic history of our country. The general rate and evaluation was done according to company's growth, development, international participation and also effectivness, vision, long-term strategy and in-house inovations.

Other winners:
Janez Kožuh – general manager Perftech
Ivan Mirt – general manager Tanin
Mirjan Kulovec – chairman of Kolpa
Romana Pajenk – chairwoman Probanka
Štefan Sobočan – general manager Varis

 ... interview on TV news (SLO 1 - Odmevi)
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